Cleanliness Policies and Procedures

COVID-19 Policy:

Sanitation occurs before and during each public and prior to each private session.  All guests should sanitize hands before entering and during visit as needed. 

Socks Only Policy:

Shoes and bare feet can carry germs so we ask that all guests wear clean socks into our play facility. Socks are required for all children and at least one accompanying parent so ensure our floor and toys stay clean enough for our crawling friends and safe so we don’t have hard soles.

Sick Policy:

Any person(s) with fever, diarrhea, or vomited is not permitted until 14 days after all symptoms have ceased. We reserve the right to send a child home if necessary to ensure we keep our facility a safe place for all. 


All High Touch Areas, Bathrooms, and Play Areas are Sanitized Hourly. We will spray down all toys and surfaces with disinfectant to ensure that any germs are killed as often as we can throughout the day. We also will soak any “been-in-mouth” toys in sanitizer and dry them to ensure they’re safe to play with again as well.

Food-Free Environment:

We do not monitor snacks that are brought into our facility, and definitely invite you do so; however no food is allowed on the play floor to ensure that is is a safe and clean environment, especially for ay of our friends that may have allergies. We ask this policy is kept very strict and that after eating children are cleaned a wiped to ensure no remnants make it back out to the play floor.

Sanitation Station:

We have two stations in our facility to help with any sanitation needs. They include disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, tissues and our ‘dirty bins’. Any toys placed inside a dirty bin will be fully sanitized before it is placed back on the floor.

Hand Sanitizer:

We have hand sanitizer placed throughout the facility and want all guest to feel comfortable using it as often as they’d like to ensure we keep any germs at an absolute minimum.